Close System Authority Approvals

Al Ain Distribution Company – AADC

AADC is the sole distributor and supplier of water and electricity in the Eastern Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain city and its surrounding rural areas). This includes the ownership, operation and maintenance of the water and electricity distribution network assets, meter reading, and services for the supply of water and electricity. AADC has revisited its vision to ensure alignment with the vision of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and ADWEA for the next 5 years and established targets to define and measure success of AADC’s core business areas.

Required documents for AADC approval:
Administrative documents:

  • Appointment letter
  • Owner EID
  • Owner approval on design


  • Site plan
  • Project area
  • Project duration
  • Water demands calculations
  • Tank location approval
  • Water supply and network layout drawings


  • Approved supply arrangement request
  • Site plan
  • Electrical network layout drawings

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